Presentation of HLW dental tools

The presentation covers the principal spheres of application of HLW instruments: surgery, osteoplasty, orthopaedics, parodontics, therapy.

The presentation tells about the rules of the use of HLW tools as well about main advantages of the tools in each sphere of application. A manager demonstrates the tools and techniques to operate them.

The presentation is carried out by an HLW Dental-Instruments brand manager at Client’s premises.

Form of presentation: lecture, demonstration, conversation.
Duration of the presentation: approximately 20 minutes.
Time for presentation carrying out: Monday-Friday 09:00-18:00

Upon agreement with the Client carrying out of the presentation at another time and place is available.

About the trade mark:
HLW Dental-Instruments (Germany) is a manufacturer of dental instruments. Material selection and manufacture of dental instruments is subject to strict quality control. In technical terms all the HLW Dental-Instruments tools conform to international standards, in particular, they are fabricated of biologically-compatible composition and are corrosion resistant. The instruments comply with the fundamental requirements referred in Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC, international norms EN ISO 9001:2000 such as EN ISO 13485: 2003 and EN 46001 for medical devices. The system of risk management relating to medical devices conforms to EN ISO 14971:2000. Instruments by HLW Dental-Instruments undergo the strictest product quality control, whereby ensuring warranty for all the instruments only provided that the same are properly operated, desinfected and sterilised. Quality of HLW Dental-Instruments tools will meet claims of practising dentists.

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